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The Extreme Steam Difference


If you open the yellow pages or do a search on Google there are many options for carpet cleaners in our area. The thing to remember is that not all carpet cleaners are created equally! At Extreme Steam we take the extra steps and time to ensure the best possible clean. This blog is all about what sets us apart.

The first thing we do to ensure the best possible results is we always make sure the carpet is pre-vacuumed. As Brian likes to say "Cleaning your carpets without pre-vacuuming is like waxing your car without washing it." And he is absolutely right! A good pre-vacuuming will get the fibers ready so they can accept the solution that will be applied. If you are vacuuming thoroughly the fibers will glisten and the color will pop when you are done. We know of another vendor who does not pre-vacuum and we often get called in after them to re-clean.

There are several things you can do as a customer to control the overall price of your cleaning. Our thought is the more we do the more we charge, the less we do the less we charge. The biggest thing you can do help is pre-vacuum. It also helps if you pick up the little personal items and knick knacks. We are more than willing to help you move furniture, but if you move the smaller pieces yourself it can save you a bit.

B'sIICRC card.jpg

Another thing that makes Extreme Steam different is that Brian is IICRC certified! What that means is that he has passed many trainings and goes to

continuing education classes throughout the year. Industry standards and techniques are always changing and this is one of the best ways for us to stay up to date. Want to learn more about what it means to be IICRC certified? Check out the IICRC website.

Over the years we have tried almost every cleaner on the market. When new products come out we try them. We know of another vendor in the area that goes to Home Depot and buys $9 gallons of Resolve to clean with. Our basic cleaner is $25 per gallon our cost. At Extreme Steam we only use the best, and the best isn't cheap!

Our team takes pride in our work. When the guys knock out a particularly awesome job they will come back to the office with huge smiles, bursting at the seams to tell me about it and show me pictures. We don't do bubble gum Band-Aids and bobby pins, we don't MacGyver things. We use quality products, we take our time and we do it right! If you are looking for the cheapest job possible that's not us. If you are looking for someone to do it right then we are the ones to call! Our priority is delivering value all the way around.

If you want it clean, give it Extreme Steam!

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